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FAQ / 常见问答

Q: Is it really FREE?
A: Absulutely. No Credit Card Needed.
问: 真的是完全免费的吗?
答: 是的. 100%免费. 不需要信用卡.

Q: Is my name and emailaddress secure?
A: Yes. Your name and emailare confidential. We will not share or sell your name and/or email addresses.
问: 我的名字和电子邮箱地址是安全保密的吗?
答: 是的. 您的姓名和电子邮箱地址是保密的. 我们不会分享或出售你的名字和电子邮箱地址.

Q: How do I contact the people I'm interested?
A: Very easy. Select the person you are interested, click on "Send a message," select a message, then click on "Continue." Your message is delivered instantly to their personal email addresses and onsite message Inbox.
问: 如何给我感兴趣的会员发送短信?
答: 很容易. 先找到你喜欢的会员,点击“发送短信给此会员”,选择“发送短信”, 点击 “继续”. 我们立即把您的短信和电子邮箱地址送到他们的个人电子邮箱和网站邮箱.

Q: When someone emails me, where does the email go and how do I respond?
A; Only registered members can send you messages. When a registered member sends you a message, we will forward it into your personal email address and onsite message Inbox. If you decide to write back, simply reply to them.
问: 当有人发送短信给我时, 我该如何应答?
答: 只有注册会员才能使用”发送短信”功能. 当注册会员向您发送短信时 ,我们会马上把短信和发信人的电子邮箱地址转发到您的个人电子邮箱和网站邮箱里.如果您决定回复,可以直接和他们联系.
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